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Every organization is founded on an idea.

LUCA exists to bring that idea to light, to translate it into a visual concept, to create a unified identity across every platform & to provide memorable audience experiences.

The Fundamental Identity

Evoke meaning with a memorable concept.

In an instant, a distinct identity reaches from the depths of an organization’s mission into the heart of its audience.

The Competitive Edge

Authentically engage your audience.

An organization with a clear identity has the power to interact effectively across every platform, developing genuine relationships & brand advocacy.

The Core Values Graphic

To Bring Creative Clarity To The Free Market

To Establish Meaningful Identities for Clients

To Help Unify Vision Across Platforms

To Provide Memorable Audience Experiences

What You Can Expect

Constant Communication

LUCA initiates & offers regular communication with clients through phone, text, email & face-to-face interaction.

Timely Turnaround

Timing is critical when executing a vision. LUCA provides concise deadlines with visual progress reports from concept to completion.

Industry Relevance

LUCA listens to clients and offers creative identities that are marketable & industry-appropriate.

Sophisticated Design

LUCA provides clean, minimalist design across platforms, built upon organization, aesthetic appeal & clarity.

To learn more about the services LUCA offers, or to request pricing, please call or text 408.540.4077, or send an email to